Écurie Tourigny


Claude Hamel

To hear Claude Hamel, achieving such a result is done in a team. It is thanks to John, he says, who gave him his first lessons, thanks to this same Jean who then suggested to the owners to send him to Ontario because she had talent; Jean has a lot of merit in taming and preparing foals, fillies. It is also his flair and his experience that lead us to choose the place that suits them best.

Louis-Phillipe Roy

Jean is clearly among the top coaches in Quebec, even more in the development of young foals. Through his experience, he knows what it takes to develop champions. Because his knowledge is not limited to coaching only, his driver-coach relationship is easy, like the one between him and me. He understands the course of a race, the horse’s behavior and what is best for him in a race, as if he were a driver with thousands of leads in his experience luggage.

Quebec Jockey Club


Not easy to impress Jean Tourigny: the man has seen many young and talented horses in his stable or that of his father, Leo, there is little. That’s why the man rarely gets carried away.

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roland trudel et jean

Roland Trudel

I have had racehorses for many years and people who know me will agree that I have been a horse racer since time immemorial. My interest is mainly focused on young horses. In recent years, I have secured Jean’s services for the selection and training of foals purchased at the various auctions in the US and Ontario. To date, I can say that my association with Jean has been fruitful and it is enough to name some of the couriers chosen and trained by Jean. Either CC Nite Raider, Goes Theweasel Pop, Jimbelina, Xternal, Arrival and a few others. These horses made their debut at the Trois-Rivières trail and were entrusted, on Jean’s recommendation, to René Bourassa in Toronto to continue their careers. Jean’s long experience and the impressive number of horses he has managed make him an indispensable resource for my present and future projects.

Michel Damphousse

Having owned horses for 35 years, I am proud to say that my horses are in good hands. Jean has gained a lot of experience during all these years: his patience, his conscientious and continuous work, allowed him to bring many horses on the podium for several years.