Écurie Tourigny

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Jean Tourigny

My passion for horses, a legacy of my father Leo. From adolescence, fun quickly becomes a full-time job.

From Quebec to Ontario with a few trips to New York, we have diversified our work from breeding to breaking up young horses to training older « claim » horses. Over the years, I have gone from a dozen to a hundred horses under my responsibility as a trainer.

I realized that breaking young horses is really my passion. I love seeing them grow and evolve from day to day. I have also focused my career in this niche for a few years. Racing horses are my life and it’s a pleasure to devote most of my time to them.

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Roland Trudel

I have had racehorses for many years and people who know me will agree that I have been a horse racer since time immemorial. My interest is mainly focused on young horses. In recent years, I have secured Jean’s services for the selection and training of foals purchased at the various auctions in the US and Ontario. To date, I can say that my association with Jean has been fruitful…